Enhancing teaching and learning with technology

This website examines traditional teaching activities and provides suggestions on different Edtech tools that could be used to enhance the learning experience.

The teaching activities have been applied to Webb’s Depth of Knowledge (DoK) framework, which is a useful way of categorising teaching activities according to the demands being placed on the student. Webb proposed there were four different levels of complexity or depths of knowledge: recall of information, the development of skills and concepts, strategic thinking and extended thinking.

Image showing Webb's 4 depths of knowledge. An arrow starts at level 1 which is recall and reproduce and ends at level 4 which is extended thinking. The arrow points both ways to emphasise that students can progress through the levels at a varied pace and do not have to pass through one before they can progress onto another.

Webb advised that educators should design their teaching activities around the desired cognitive demands to be placed on the student. Level 1 recall and reproduce involves the least complex activities and level 4 extended thinking involves a high cognitive expectation. Students do not have to move through the levels in any set order but Webb did note that activities should not always be from the same level.

Click on any of the activities below for ideas on how to enhance with free online tech tools.